Virus Removal

Our Technicians are Experts in Virus Removal. Evey year thousands of viruses are created. We can fix any virus, malware, rootkit  or spyware issue.

As of lately the most common viruses are Trojan Rouge  Anti-malware, Fake Anti-Virus, or Scareware. These Viruses infect a computer causing a fake anti virus to run a scan and come up with fake results that will prompt you to to buy the program in order to remove the virus. This is a scam via extortion. do not provide it with your credit card information. It will temporarily remove it and it will come back again asking for more money. Most of the time it will make it appear as if all of your data is missing, causing panic and fear. and/ or will give you pop up messages saying your computer is infected. causing insecurity and hostility. These are just tactics used to get you to buy the product. Do NOT buy it.  Call us @ 562-686-1740 We’ll get it working again.

Example of Ransomware – FBI virus – Moneypak scam.

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